Advanced Metrics


Are you looking for historical usage data for your Code42 CrashPlan server environment? How about threat detection at a glance? Look no further! At the heart of Radar42 is our high performance data collection engine. We do not install any software or plugins within your environment. Your organization retains full control as to whether the credentials remain active and the amount of visibility we have into your environment. Every hour, Radar42 initiates a secure, low-impact discussion via HTTPS API with each monitored environment, gathering and storing dozens of data points per device. 

Historical Usage Data 

Each device has a story to tell. We can provide you with extensive historical usage data for as long as we've monitoring your Code42 environment. Not only will we be able to see the device’s past and present usage statistics but we’ll also be able to plan for the likely future too! Every device in every environment that is added to your Radar42 account will be scanned at the top of every hour. And even better, the usage data will be available to you for as long as your Radar42 account is active and has access to the environment.After an environment has been added to Radar42, you can use the acquired performance data to pinpoint off-nominal archive behaviour and visualize trends for the last 24 hours, last week or even the last 6 months. Here’s a quick video on how to export and utilize usage data by accessing the Radar42's hourly device scan logs

Threat Detection

We have been using Code42's CrashPlan environment for just under 10 years now and with that level of experience we've cultivated a deep appreciation for historical usage data. Using this data, we've taken it one step further and classified repeatable trends into what we call threats, or 'potential threats to a future restore'. Threats are common archive trends over a period of time that can occur across a variety of backed up devices, which have the potential to potentially impede a successful restore of data. For example, some of the trends that we’ve identified as threats include: persisting patterns of low completion, online devices zero files selected (real or reported), and flatlined archive growth. Each of these threats demonstrates varying degrees of impact to a successful restore of data. Why spend hours pulling and processing reports to see these trends? With Radar42, you can quickly identify these ill-performing devices and address the issues within minutes!