Customized Billing Reports


In today's age of shrinking budgets and increasingly common shared service arrangements, the importance of being able to clearly delineate how much your IT department delivered to one specific group of users or another is key. Whether the utilization reports ever lead to a currency-based payment being made or not, we think that simply having the ability to track and show financial load with ease is critical.

Enter Radar42's customized billing reports! All financial reporting begins with Radar42's standard hourly scanning of all monitored environments. Here is an example of a use case with Code42 CrashPlan server environments.

The readings from the hourly scans will determine the exact number of Users and Devices that are active within each Organization, including how much data is currently stored.

Radar42 users are then invited to define their preferred pricing models, taking into account how they wish to meter or value the services being delivered for any given Organization. Rates can be based on amount of data stored, Organizations, Users, Devices, target destinations or any combination of these criteria. After the rates are determined we can apply the pricing models in many number of ways. Some of the most common applications include:

1) Single point-in-time reading

2) Average reading (using 1 reading per day, pro-rated)

3) Highest or lowest reading recorded through the month

Here's a quick video on how to access customized billing reports applying single point-in-time reading to a pricing model.